Sir Haji Jan Mohammad Chotani

Also known as, Seth Mian Mohammad Haji Jan Mohammad Chotani. A Bombay merchant, Khilafat leader Belonged to Halai Memon Community; b 10 Nov 1873; grew up in religious surroundings; was a prosperous Govt contractor and timber merchant of Bombay.

Was mem of Cttee to formulate a scheme of reforms, 8th Session of All India Muslim League, Bombay, Dec 1915; presided over a mass meeting (15-20 thousand) of Bombay Muslims at Nagpada, 19 Mar 1919, which adopted resolutions on Khilafat issue and also authorized the establishment of a Khilafat Cttee.

"All India Khilafat Committee was established in Bombay in 1919 at a meeting of Muslim leaders held at Chhotani Manzil, the residence of Seth Mohammad Mian Jan Mohammad Chhotani. He was elected President of the organisation and remained at the helm of affairs during the most active four years of the committee." [source:]

Was also associated with Indian National Congress; mem Cong Cttee to draw up a scheme of employment for those who gave up govt service (appt by Cong Working Cttee, Bardoli, Feb 1922); mem Civil Disobedience Enquiry Cttee (appt by All India Congress Committee, Lucknow, Jun 1922) but was unable to take part in either the tour or meetings of the Cttee.

On his joining the Khilafat Movement was cold-shouldered by the Govt and was not given further business contracts; was offered a baronetcy on condition of his severing all contacts with the Khilafat Movement but he refused.

Died in Medina, Jun 1932, while undertaking Haj.

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