Sad message: Sait Saheb passes away, Inna Lillahi, at Bangalore, India [Wed 27th Apr 2005, 17th Rabi-ul-awal 1426]

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Thursday, April 28, 2005/ Vaisakha 8, 1927 (Saka)
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    News Summary [Source, Keralamuslim.net]: 
    Ebrahim Sulaiman Sait, one of the most prolific politician and genuine leader of our time, passed into the mercy of Allah on today, 27 April, 2005. Perhaps the demise of such an illustrious leader of indian muslims on the eve of the new world order targeting muslim identity, spells a message to the Indian muslims, that they will have to plough through the coming century without the guidance of such idealistic leaders. This is enough to shake us from our slumber as we called him "Mehboob -e -Millath" Ebramin Sulaiman Sait, dies at the age of 83. His body will be buried after a solemn Janaza prayer in Bangalore. Sait Sahib was one of the greatest Muslim leaders who dedicated his life to Islam and Muslims across the globe. He was the president of the Muslim League for 40 years and Member of the Indian Parliament for 45 years. Ebrahim Sulaiman Sait was a member of the Muslim World League (Rabita), a member of the Organisation of Islamic Conference (OIC), 
    Note: Condolence messages can sent to his son, Mr. Sulaiman Khalid, at their home address in Bangalore. Mr. Sulaiman Khalid, "ABAD HOUSE" , # 15 C, 5TH CROSS, NANDI DURGA ROAD, BANGALORE - 560 046. India. Ph: 080-2333 3510 Fax: 2225 4100

    President, Indian National League
    Past President: Indian Union Muslim League 
    Elected Member of Parliment: IVth to Xth Lok Sabha -  Ponnani (Kerala) constituency

    President, All India Milli Council, 2004-2007

    Sons: Sulaiman (m.Nooralain) alias Khalid, Siraj m. Sadia
    Daughters: Uzra Ismail, Razia Sulaiman, Tasneem Shahjahan