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Issue One: September 2000

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Aandhre Guuchraa

(i.e., Inter-twining of small intestine)

- A Cutchi phrase commonly cited by the elders of our community, meant to convey, our affinity. They would say, "We, the children of two brothers - Nalho and Panjo - have grown into a Jamath. Actually we are an extended family and so are all inter-twined" (In Memon Prakash, Issue 6/1997).


"What is the need for this microscopic Web-based Cutchi Memon community to have its own bulletin? Do we have so much to communicate regularly among ourselves - have we become one of Arnold Toynbee's 'creative minority', responsible for growth of a civilization? To whom, out of blue, has this funny idea occurred? Why this effort to bring to book all those who have volunteered to be otherwise - r u guys crazy? Do we want to wash our dirty linen in public? Obviously, Internet is no-man's land and any one can walk into our personal lives just like that - then why put us on the Web? Can't we have our own -- secure -- news bulletin, accessible only to registered participants, instead of letting all sundry smell our cuisine? Let alone a news bulletin, some even ask 'Why a separatist attitude among the Memons'.  You may be a Cutchi Memon, or whatever, why disturb me, and who on the earth gave you my email, I will sue! I don't care, a Memon or otherwise, who are you to worry about my personal interests?"

If you wish to know the present thinking about community development perspectives, read the following discussion on the Web Is Being Memon Worth Anything?

Responses to these voices, hopefully, will come from you, if you want to participate in this sort of activism and community development.

Such voices are relevant for many reasons. A call for starting a bulletin given weeks ago, was responded by a few. Does this situation make any sense to us? Do we care??? May be this goes in favor of those who say, lets live our own life, why this empathy -- a view point that may be compatible with 'salad bowl' and 'melting pot' environments. But not suitable, for the followers of Prophet Muhammad (SAWS) who said, join those who break from you.

The justification for a news bulletin, as has been in the case of developing the first Cutchi Memon Web site, is 'Connect the disconnected web-based Cutchi Memon community'. In short, a social forum for Cutchi Memons that could build bridges, is the intention and may Allah accept this service.

All memons are invited to nominate members that constitute the editorial board of this Bulletin. If you agree that we need such a Bulletin, please offer your services, comments, feature articles, news, etc.. Your support for this news bulletin will show whether we need an exclusive Cutchi Memon communicator or Cutchi Memon explorer!!! The ball is in your court dear members of the Web Memonwada.

In this issue of the Bulletin are: e-publications (electronic publications), matrimonial facilitator, and news (professional affairs, marriages, birth, death, etc.). Many more features can be added depending on demand, including profile of Memon institutions, prominent personalities, charitable agencies, etc..


Memon Prakash - News Letter. This is a regular publication, reporting exhaustively about the Nasserpuria Memons in Kenya. Reading Prakash one gets a feel of how actively the members are trying to keep up the Memon welfare traditions. Visit their site at:    or Archives, or contact the editor

Just in case we forget our roots, read a note published in Prakash, it re-traces our spatial concentration: Cutchi Memons are from the entire region of what was once the larger Kutch State, including, Bhuj, Mandvi, Lakhpat, etc. The extract thus reads:

"Late Mr. Kassam Khamisa ( a Gamrai residing in Kamachumu, a town near Bukoba in Tanzania ) has written a Gujarati manuscript about Gamrais in which he has written his version of Gamrai Origin. According to him when Memons from Sindh, Nasserpur came to Maddi (a Cutchi name for Mandvi, a port in Cutch) one or two families went to Lalpur, a village around Maddi, and stayed there. On coming to Maddi, they were being called Gamadia (villagers) - hence Gamrai. He had mentioned about some Nasserpuria personalities in Maddi - notable among them Abdulrehman (Patasa) Esmail Kadernani. The whereabouts of this manuscript is not known".

Note: The relevance of Nasserpur, Sindh, to us is thus obvious, and there is more food for historians than what it looks.

'Memon Flash', A News Magazine by Memon Federation of Pakistan. Read this at:

Poem of the Month: 'Change'  By Farheen Sait




(Farheen is a computer engineer by profession and is presently in al-Khobar, Saudi Arabia.)

Roots: In order to trace our roots an ongoing research has resulted in collecting some basic information. The messages received from Akbani family (akbani is their nukh or surname), reveals points of convergence and divergence in the family names that represent the Jamath. Read these messages at

Just born

Reeba D/o Asad Amin & Noorain Masood, born on 15 June, 2000, at Hyderabad, India. Asad is based in Riyadh and affiliated with Emirates.

List of names for the new born are on the Web:
Patel's list
Shariah Net
Sudairy's List

Matrimonial proposals

While the intention here is to provide matrimonial link, there is no attempt at authenticating or validating any details that will appear in this bulletin.

Some extracts from Islamic

AURANGABAD: Cutchi Memon Sunni Muslim parents invite alliance for their only daughter, age-25 years, height-5.3", complexion, fair, convent-educated, graduate Alima, homely, apply to I.V.Box.No:2281. (Islamic Voice March 2000)
BELGAUM: Proposals invited from Sunni Muslim Cutchi Memon/non Cutchi Memon well settled groom either in business or service for a Cutchi Memon Doctor girl MD, DNB age 30/5’4"/having good personality, hard-working, religious, sociable from a highly respected and cultured family. Contact Phone: 0831-428745 Mrs Sait 69, High Street Camp, Belgaum-590001. (Islamic Voice April 2000)
CHENNAI: Kutchi Memon Muslim parents residing in Chennai invite alliance for their daughter, English medium-educated, type writing higher, B.A.B.Ed, fair complexion, smart, 28/5’3". Boy should be a graduate, professional, employed overseas with family visa, religious and broadminded. No Dowry. Apply I.V.Box: 2520. (Islamic Voice April 2000)
BANGALORE: Cutchi memon parents invite alliance for their son Age-25 years, Divorced and pious, Non-cutchi memon may also respond. Apply to I.V. Box.No.1519. (Islamic Voice Aug 1997)

See also matrimonial columns at: Memon Online, U.K.  and web sites, such as,  provide marriage and matrimonial links.

Eligible Memons are many, and there is no dearth of avenues to find matches in this Memonwada. Support this cause of providing links and Allah will reward you for this simple act - bearing in mind the Prophetic Tradition (SAWS) : Actions are based on intentions.

I received the following details from a memon family, write to me for contact address:

Mr. X
Age. 29
Education: BE (Mechanical) DBM
Nukh: Pidiya
Presently at USA
Desirable: Educated girl, willing to settle in USA.,

Ms. X
Age: 25
Education: BSc (Chemistry), B. Ed.,
Nukh: Pidiya
Desirable: Educated, single never married boy from a descent family.

Professional News

While all fields of activity are our concern, we will at the outset mention the most recent, i.e., Information Technology, (IT).

Many Memons have already joined the IT revolution. Some have their own websites and some others offer specialized services to their respective communities.

Personal and corporate category web sites, developed by members of the Jamath will be indexed on our two web sites, and .

Profile of the Month: Abdur Rahman Sait

Father's Name: Kasim; Grand/f: Abubaker Ismail (alias Bakku) Sait, Mysore; Nukh: Mujawar
Indian; Born: 1973; Marital Status: Single;
Educational Information: GCE, Bangalore Univ.,; B.E. Computer Science, Bangalore Univ.; Diploma in Internet Technologies with HTML and Web Server Administration, PCS Computer Academy Bangalore,
Skills: Computer Languages: JAVA, C++, C.
Internet: HTML4, ASP, JavaScript, ISAPI, MS Visual InterDev, MS Front Page, MS-Site Server Commerce Edition 3.0, Web-Page Design Concepts.
Networking: Windows NT Server 4.0, Windows NT Workstation 4.0 DNS, DHCP, RAS, IIS 4.0,
Packages: MS-Office, Oracle, SQL Server7.5, Visual Café.
Operating Systems: Dos, Unix, NetWare, Windows 3.11, 95, NT.
Professional Experience: Arabic Computer Systems, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, 1999-
Position Held: Web programmer with sole responsibility of coding and testing all web-sites being developed by the company. Currently posted on a client Saudi Telecom Company.
Job Profile: As a Web developer. Responsible for web server administration, Database administration, and programming.
Projects done: National Agricultural Development Company Web-site; Saudi Telecom Company (STC); ACS-IIS; URLs of web-sites developed:

* Http://;

Other projects in hand:
* A website For a United Food Manufacturing Corporation; * Website for a Oryx Travel a travel agency; * International Public Relations (Proto Type); * General Organization for Social Insurance (Proto Type); * Al-Seteen palace Hotel (Proto Type); * Al -Essa

PC Services Pvt. Ltd. Bangalore, India, 1996 - 1999.
Position Held: Software Engineer.
Job Profile: As a team leader implemented a project on e-commerce, Supervised Development of Web sites, Chat server. Also worked as a consultant for Corporate Training in Java, Internet, and Networking.
Projects done: Chat Server in Java using TCP/IP programming; Online Registration of Enrollments in Java using JDBC; Info Alp; Telephone Reckoner; Course Monitoring System

Note: The plan is to continue such profiles. Please send details of Jamath members.

Those who left us

Abdur Rauf Sait of Madras, passed away on 14 August, 2000 at Mysore, and was buried in Bangalore. Br. Rauf had been an active member of Memon Jamath, Madras. He is the eldest son-in-law of (Late) Janab Rahmathullah Adam Sait of Bangalore.

Khathuma of Bangalore, w/o Buddu Sait, expired on 15 July, 2000. She is the mother or Ayub Sait, Yunus Sait, Hashem Sait, all residents of Bangalore. Prof. Sadiq Ayub Sait, her grandson, serves in University of Petroleum and Minerals, Dhahran, Saudi Arabia.


Imran Sait (S/o Siddiq Sait), Bangalore got married in Hyderabad. Br. Imran served in Riyadh for over one year, and now is a leading Internet related service provider in Bangalore.

Ambereen d/o Taher Ahmed Sait of Bangalore, married Mohamed Owais, s/o Mr. Omer A. Vahedna, at Bangalore, 16 July 2000. Haroon b/o Ambareen, serves in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

Fatima Noorain (D/o Khalid & Shabnam, Grand d/o Ebrahim Sulaiman Sait, M.P.,), Ernakulam, married to Hishaam (S/o A.S.A. Latheef Sait, Cochin), on 26 August, 2000.
Note: Janab Ebrahim Sulaiman Sait has the distinction of being a leading Cutchi Memon and a prominent leader of the 20th century Muslim World. Distinctly, he is accepted as a leader by all the schools of Islamic thought. We are building his profile at the Website. He has won, in 1999, the award instituted by the Jeddah-based Arab Indian Cultural Forum. The award ceremony co-incided with the release of his two volume biography in Malayalam. May Allah grant him long life, and continue to Guide him in his activities.

We pray that all these marriages be blessed, Amen.

Sincerely, Taher Ali Mohamed Akbani    


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